Commission Scam!


This scammer attempted to convince me to build them a website, and something felt off from the start. When I inquired further about their business, they only provided details about what they were looking for, avoiding any substantial information about the business itself.

Scammer provided information:
‪(724) 810-1316‬
Kenneth David

What they said:

but I need something more perfect than this if it’s possible I have a content creator that has the text content and logo for the site. The site would only be informational, so I need you to give me an estimate.

.I want 11 pages with 13 products
.I want only the English language
.My budget is $5,000-$7,000
.I want the site running up in 2-3 months
.Are you the owner?

Thank you for your prompt response. I am pleased to inform you that I am in agreement with the estimate provided, and I am fully committed to proceeding with the project. To facilitate the timely commencement of work, I will be making a deposit of $1500 as soon as possible.

Furthermore, I understand that in order to initiate the project effectively, content for this site is required. Therefore, I kindly request your assistance with this matter. As someone with expertise in this field, I believe your input and guidance will greatly contribute to the success of this project. Your support in ensuring the project’s content is of the highest standard would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your cooperation, and I look forward to working together on this project. Please let me know if there are any further details or requirements that I need to be aware of. I am confident that with your assistance, we will achieve outstanding results.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,

Kenneth David.

Stay vigilant:

Scammers often employ tactics such as agreeing to make a payment and then withdrawing at the eleventh hour, or falsely asserting that they’ve settled the payment in full to avoid formal agreements. It’s crucial to remain steadfast in following your standard operational procedures and insist on securing an e-signed document agreement. This practice not only protects all parties involved but also assists in verifying the identity of the individual you’re dealing with. For added security, especially with individuals you haven’t met face-to-face, I strongly recommend incorporating trackable URLs for any initial links shared. This strategy enhances your ability to monitor engagement and authenticate interactions, ensuring a higher level of security in your transactions.

Scammer that tried to get me to build a website for him
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